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Simona is a very professional R/E agent. I have sold with her and I have bought with her. She knows and can sense when to play up and when to offer less than the listed price, saving thousands of those dollars. Great work!

Igor Ilyutkin - Mississauga

I had such an awesome experience with Simona! She delivered on everything that was asked and more. I will definitely be using her for ALL future business.


Extremely satisfying experience...worth 10 stars, not just 5!!! Hope you have the opportunity to work with Simona...After trying out 3 other realtors and being on the market for over 8 months...8 months of constant stress and disappointment, we did not expect it to get any easier but it did and are we ever thankful for coming across Simona. She managed to sell our house in less than a month for more than what we expected, and help us with the purchase of our new home, making the entire process seem so easy and stress-free. Her strategic approach and organizational skills are out of this world.., not to mention her influence in the industry and her negotiations skills. Nothing was overlooked. One might ask...what did she do differently than the other agents out there?! Well, as she always says, "It's all about the details" really is. After working with a number of other realtors we are in the best position to tell you that, it is about the details and the type of realtor you chose. We did not have to lift a finger and everything was taken care of with a such professionalism...from preparing our house for the market (cleaning, staging, photography) to marketing (techniques we never thought existed) to guiding us throughout the entire process with so much calmness and always being so considerate, to handling negotiations, to putting us in contact with all the right people (reliable people)...Simona handled everything with such precision and confidence...never did she ever promised us anything that she could not deliver...very straightforward and always ready to help. We'll recommend her with confidence whatever chance we get.

M Galle - Vaughan

Hi everyone! I would like to tell you guys a bit about my experience with Simona, whom I recommend 110%. We are a family of 5 adults and one baby girl, we are new in Canada and as you might know Canadian Landlords are not that easy on newcomers because we do not have credit history here, no background with other landlords and in our case to make it even harder we did not have jobs yet and we needed a home for like yesterday! Since I started to look for places I decided not to commit to any realtor because I did not have their time, I needed the house the same day if that was possible. I saw some houses with 3/4 different realtors between 2 weeks and they all acted unprofessional with us, they were making us feel like it was impossible to find something for us and like they were doing us a favor for even considering to find us a place. The tool that we gave them was to pay 6 months in advance however they all made it look like it was nothing. On the other hand, when we met Simona my family and I decided to commit to her right the way, she acted really professional with our situation and she even said to us "We will have a place in 2 days" and I remember we laughed because we thought that she only wanted us to believe in her. I remember It was a Monday, October 8th of 2018, "Thanksgiving" holiday here in Canada, but she still opened her office to meet us for the first time, so we could easily see how committed she was to help us. How long it took Simona to find us a place? Guess what!! she made it the same day!!! A holiday!!! She showed us 6 different places (All great places) we could choose from. The next day we sign the contract, put a deposit in, she found us really cheap insurance(1/2 of the price that I found) and all that we needed. Guess what!!! From being treated like people were doing us a favor we pass to being treated as real people with rights. I recommend Simona 110% you will not regret it or waste your time! Thank you, Simona!!! You are the best!!!

Lennin Zeledon - Toronto

Thank you, Simona, for successfully closing our 4th transaction together. You always seem to exceed our expectations...and for that, we are ever grateful. Unbelievable! 35 showings (in counting) 4 offers in only 5 days and over $50,000 more then what the last similar unit sold for in our building. Now, that's a Result anyone should hope for.

Sean Markus - Toronto

When my wife and I decided that it was time to upsize, we didn't know where to start. With two small kids and only one income moving into a bigger home seemed like just a dream. Pretty much every single one of our friends recommended an agent that could help us. We spoke to a few who either over bragged about themselves with not much to show for or just gave us the impression that all they were seeing when talking to us was the $ sign. We knew Simona for a couple of years, we knew that she was working with Remax and that she was doing very well but we didn't know how good she was at her job until we shared our dream with her and allow her to handle everything for us. She walked us through the process with calm...amazingly good at keeping our emotional level under control, found a way to work around our busy schedule with the kids and all...when it was time to buy she didn't rush us, directed us to the right people so that we can get qualified for the mortgage, arrange with home inspector, guide us when it was time to move and the list can go on and on... She is an amazing negotiator...sold our condo high, over asking and help us purchase a gorge detached home for a lower price than what was sold in the area and with all the upgrades we were looking for. Our dream came through and we feel that Simona made it happen. And, as she didn't do enough for us already, few weeks after we moved in, she showed up at our door with a Smart TV for our daughter's room and a bottle of champagne to celebrate our accomplishment. Now that's an agent and a service worth bragging about! Thank you, Simona!

Sameer Ahmadi - Brampton

As a single mother of 2 teenage girls straggling with recovering from a nasty divorce and rebuilding my credit, I never thought that it would ever be possible to get out of our small 2 bedr. 1 bath condo apartment and move into a much needed bigger home. I had so many worries...such as not getting approved for a new mortgage, or not getting enough money from selling my condo for a down payment or selling and not be able to find what I was looking for...the list goes on. After talking to Simona was like all my worries were drifting away. With her knowledge, her organizational skills, her influence in the real estate world and her connections she made everything possible. In my eyes, Simona has worked miracles. She sold our condo in just one week for way more than what any other unit in our building sold for and found us a beautiful 4 bdr. 3 bath townhouse fully renovated, finished basement and a nice backyard...more than I was hoping for. My daughters and I could not be happier. A couple of months after we moved, my brother bought a condo with her and never stop bragging about how amazing she was helping him as a first-time buyer. We thank you Simona for all your help and friendship!

Sandra Ochoa - Toronto

"2016 was the year I decided to finally move my entire family of 6 from Israel to Toronto Canada...not an easy transition as one can imagine, and frankly, I didn't expect it otherwise until I got in touch with Simona. She made the whole process seem so much easier... from planning my first trip to Toronto to finding the right property (in 3 days only), to getting us approved and look up the best schools for my kids, all the way to where to get the best deals on furniture. I always said...I don't know what this new 'adventure' of ours would've been like without Simona. We consider ourselves lucky to have come across such an experience, dedicate and compassionate agent. More so... a wonderful person. Simply put, we didn't just find an excellent agent, we found an amazing friend!

Sean Markus - Toronto

As we were getting close to retirement and the completion of our little newly built dream house in Port Dover, my husband and I decided that it was time to put our house in Whitby up for sale. Given that now we had enough time in our hands, we thought that we can try and sell our house on our own and possibly save some money on commission by using Comfree MLS services...only to find ourselves a month later, in a such hot market, still seating on the market with no serious offers and two mortgages. After more than a month and a lot of frustration from holding open houses and allowing people from all walks of life walk into our home, we realized that we were just wasting our time with people who were throwing all kinds of low-ball offers at us because we were selling they were doing us some favor. We then decide to terminate our agreement with Comfree and interviewed a few agents. Likely one of them happened to be Simona. We knew from the very first meeting we had with her, that she was going to get the job done. She was very transparent in describing her services, very meticulous and very honest...although she didn't always tell us what we wanted to hear, we later understood how valuable it was for her to tell us the truth rather than tell us what we wanted to hear. Her personal involvement in everything needed to get our house ready for going back on the market and get it sold was absolutely remarkable. She spent a whole day with us and her crew staging our house, assist us with packing, accompany the photographer to make sure that she gets the right shots which would showcase the main features of our property and so much more than I have not seen any other agent do in my past experiences with selling a property. In 7 days our house was sold over asking with 30 days closing. We are ever grateful and always talk with pleasure when her name comes up in our discussions.

Christine & Jamie Forrest - Whitby

For over 2 years my brother-in-law and I been trying to sell our inherited piece of land in Burford Ontario. A friend of ours recommended Simona who sold it in exactly 5 day for more than we were ever offered. Not sure how she did it but she did it and we are happy we chose her. You want to get your property sold call Simona...she has what it takes to deliver the results you expect!

Bob Alton - Brantford

Talking about a partnership investment going wrong...Less than a year into our partnership I wanted out. Started wrong, continue to go badly and was expecting it to end just as bad. After months of trying to sell it ourselves for next to nothing just so we get out, I thought that I will never happen...having to deal with uncooperative tenants, environmental studies for the auto-repair shop downstairs, building permits that were never issued which we never knew about when we bought, etc., seemed like a nightmare...But...Thank God that I came across Mrs. De Lorenzo who didn't just help me recover 100% of my investment+ a small profit, but made selling this residential/commercial property seem like a piece of cake. Not to mention the amount of valuable information I got from her. She is a mountain of knowledge. Thank you, Mrs. De Lorenzo. We will recommend your services with much confidence to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Nass Motors - Scarborough
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