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RE/MAX PREMIER INC. INTERNATIONAL BROKERAGE, Brokerage Independently owned and operated. 1885 WILSON AVE., TORONTO, Ontario M9M1A2 Cell: 647-622-6693Office: 416-743-2000


"Service Is Getting Your Home Sold Quickly, For Maximum Price And With The Least Amount Of Hassle"

  Our Job Is To:

#1.  Give your property Maximum Exposure using all of the marketing techniques available today in order to generate as many buyers as possible for your property.

#2.  Communicate with you and Constantly re-assure you, that you are not alone and that you are our #1 Priority...Because you are...You are our main focus for the entire duration of our contract. As rare as this might sound...Getting your property sold for the best possible price is more for your benefit than it is for ours...Why?...Because we sell tons of properties each and every year...You on the other hand (in most cases) have only one, which is probably the largest asset you possess. Yes...of course, we get compensated for the services we provide...However, helping you, get what you want and in the time that you want... is our greatest satisfaction. 

#3. Negotiate the best possible offer for you, based on your needs and wants.

#4.  Assist you throughout the entire process by providing you with educated advice and by recommending the best professionals that will, in turn, ensure a successful closing for you.

What Is That We Do Different Than The Majority Of Agents Out There And How What We Do Maintains Our Position As Top Producers In The Industry?

#1.  We Out-Market The Competition giving your property maximum exposure to the highest number of qualified buyers both locally and internationally.

Aside from various Lead Generating Companies providing us with well-categorized buyer leads (per area, type, price, features etc.), our Company runs specifically placed ads attracting a pool of buyers each day…then my team of highly trained professionals spends most of its time aggressively marketing your home by prospecting for buyers over the phone until sold. This method is by far the most effective, therefore We choose it over other less effective methods used by most agents who simply don’t know how or do not like to tele-prospect out of fear of rejection. In Addition, we extensively promote your property on the Internet through our various sites and our extensive database of buyers and buyer agents via electronic campaigns.

When having what it takes to combine the Newest Technology with the Old Proven Technique, “The best Advertising Is Word of Mouth”… you get the recipe for success and a sure sell no matter where that property is located.

The more people come to see your property the more chances you have to get multiple offers. The more offers you get, the more money you can potentially pocket.

To request a copy of our Bulletproof Marketing Plan give us a call.       

Aggressive, Active Marketing Techniques and Strong Negotiating Skills is what sells real estate faster and for more money in today’s market.

Active means daily contacting as many potential buyers as possible showcasing the features of your home and convince them to come to see it and bring in a good offer.

Our List to Sold Price Ratio is 99/110% / With an Average DOM (days on the market) of 3 to 30 Days.

#2.  Our Ability To Negotiate and close the buyer on buying your home vs your competition.

#3.  We Stay Connected and Work with The Best Professionals In The Industry to make sure that every single one of our transactions closes successfully.

As the old saying goes…”What's Good For The Goose, May Not Be Good For The Gander”

As no two properties or seller’s particular circumstances are ever the same, only by customizing a marketing strategy best suited for your type of property, your particular circumstance, the target market based on its demographic profile, and the latest market activity in your particular area, will result in the selling of your home/investment quicker and for the best possible price.

Service is guiding you through preparing your property before putting it on the market so your home shows a 10 + when viewed either physically or online, without overspending. Staging your home allows buyers to fall in love with your property and let their emotions get the best of them. When making improvements to your home, it is important that you don’t spend your money where no value is added to your property…you might never get your money back.

Service is making sure that a sale flows smoothly from start to finish with as less stress on your shoulders as possible. If a problem occurs, being able to keep the deal alive is a quality that you can only find in well experienced, smooth, yet aggressive agents. A lot of times a deal dies because the agent did not know how to ‘massage’ the deal in order to come to a successful closing.

 ***Six Most Important Things To Remember When Selling***

1.  Your objective – although loyalty is a quality most people respect, myself included...your objective Is to get your property sold for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of hassle - Not to do favors to friends or family...unless they are full-time realtors, have comprehensive knowledge of the current market, strong influence in the industry, a good track record, and a strong marketing plan. The last thing you want is to leave thousands of $$$ on the table because you let your emotions get the best of you.

                                       ALWAYS GET A SECOND OR EVEN A THIRD OPINION!

2.   Cheaper doesn't always mean the best - "You get what you pay for"...cheaper services, cheaper results.

3.   Not all agents with a real estate license can sell real estate…or get you what you want, in the time that you want.

4.   Buyer agents don't work for you - their job is to negotiate the lowest possible offer & the best terms for their client.

5. The MLS - is an excellent tool for sharing information between agents and their clients...However, the MLS alone won't get your property sold - especially given the recent market changes...unless it is combined with active marketing techniques and strong negotiations skills. 

6.   The longer your property sits on the market, the less money buyers are going to offer.  

      Choose your actions wisely!

I look forward to a one on one presentation so I can further list my services and the value they can bring you.

    Sincerely yours,

  Simona De Lorenzo